Steak and Onion Wrap

Denver-cut steak cooked to medium, with caramelized onions, tomatoes, mixed greens, and Cajun ranch in a lightly grilled white or herb and garlic tortilla.

Served with fresh cut fries, salad or soup: Tomato Coconut or Chicken Mushroom Tomato. 

All fall décor display and wall items on sale now! 



Turkey (self-standing, for the front yard): Was $80, now $70)


Jack-O-Lantern (with lights): Was $45, now $40


Scarecrow: Was $35, now $30

Below: 4x2’ stainless steel and powder-coated (all season, in or outdoors)

Maple Leafs: Now $150

Hidden Flowers, Now $199


Below: Absract/Branches (left): Now $125

Squares (right) : Now $175


Come into the Eatery to see everything in person, and snatch up these one-time deals before they’re gone!!

Chicken Greek Wrap

Olive tapenade, tomatoes, cucmbers, red onions, mixed greens and house Greek vinaigrette. Served on lightly grilled white or herb and garlic tortilla with fresh cut fries, salad or a bowl of soup: Tomato Coconut or Chicken, Mushroom, Tomato.

Lots of homemade desserts this week, like Pumpkin Pie or Carrot Cake.


For sale: On Sale Now - $75, self-standing in the yard with rebar legs. Come see us before it’s gone!